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Horse Floats . . .

Superior Australian made fixed and sliding windows, doors and trims made to fit your float, any size, any shape, witha range of options including tints, locks, screens and water bar. Quality materials and workmanship designed to fit your size requirements.

Top manufacturers like Rivenlee, Kara Kar and Tuza Floats have been using AJ Plastic products for over 40 years.

Our sliding windows NEVER stick.


AJ Plastics have been supplying Kara Kar Trailers with our front and side windows for our horse floats for the past 17 years. We have always found AJ Plastics to be very reliable and efficient. The quality of the windows received has always been of a very high quality. AJ Plastics have always delivered goods on time and always communicated with us if there were any issues. We have always found the staff at AJ Plastics to be very accommodating to our requirements. We have no hesitation in recommending AJ Plastics.
- Kara Kar Trailers

We have always found AJ Plastics really efficient; as soon as we get our order in, AJ Plastics get products off to us straight away. They are prompt and accurate . In a big order most suppliers will get something wrong. AJ Plastics never do, if we get the wrong size window or door , it's because we ordered wrongly ! I have never known AJ Plastics to make a mistake.
- Peter Jakins, Director, Rivenlee

Horse feeder windows – it’s a safety issue for me
Meet Nancy, a likeable accountant, classic car owner, and “mother” to three very interesting horses, all with their own adorable personalities. Two are enormous, the American Saddle bred stands at 16 hh and the other is lovely leggy thoroughbred standing at 170 cm tall (16.3 hh) & her Oldenburg cross daughter is following in her footsteps.

“Being efficient is important to me, with a stressful full time job, a Noah’s ark of animals on my farm, 2 dogs, 2 cats & 3 horses of my own and 1 of my partners & studying Horsemanship through Quantum Savvy with any spare time I have, life gets really busy really quickly”, laughs Nancy, “so when I am floating my horses I need to be organised to reduce not only my stress but my horses too. I like a deep horse feeder window with many position options so I can quickly attend to my horses in transit safely and efficiently with the minimum of fuss, without needing to unload them in tight or dangerous situations.”

We are excited to show you our new range of US made quality products, including drop down horse feeder windows, RV Doors, manger and tear drop camper doors, and general purpose accommodation doors and windows.